Remembering Jim

Jim Adams Jim Adams Daniel Lombardi

Jim was a feisty and comical guy who came to The INN Between at the age of 59, battling late stage bladder cancer. His roommate had lost his job, so Jim could no longer afford his apartment on his own and was sleeping under a freeway overpass. Despite intensive chemotherapy, the cancer progressed. One day, he told us that he didn’t know if he could take the pain and misery of chemo anymore. In this situation, there are two paths–continue treatment in the hopes it will be successful (but knowing the odds are not good) or stop treatment and enjoy a better quality of life, even though for a shorter time.

We asked Jim if he would like to speak with the hospice doctor to get a better understanding of what the two paths look like. The hospice doctors are skilled in broaching this subject in a very comforting way. Jim agreed, and after speaking with the medical team, he decided to stop treatment and go on hospice care.

As the chemo drugs left Jim’s body, his health and outlook immediately improved. Jim won the award for “Best Decorated Room” and had several pieces of memorabilia and a large American flag hanging on the wall. We could always count on Jim to crack a joke, even during the most stressful times. He was a good role model for how to handle difficult situations with levity. Jim was being cared for by Community Nursing Services and they gave him a “Senior Wish” of a simulated sky diving experience. He was thrilled to do something he had always dreamed about. But, of course, the cancer eventually caught up, and Jim started to decline. He maintained a good attitude until the end. Jim’s funeral was very well attended, and he is missed.

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