Celebrating Five Years!

Have you heard the news?  The INN Between is five years old, and we want you to join in our celebration! We have so many exciting things to share - events, campaigns, and personal stories from Kim and Matilda.  Thank you for being part of our journey and success!

The Power of 5 Campaign

How's this for fun: $5 for $5 for 5 years with 5 friends to reach $50K in 5 days!  We are challenging all our friends and supporters to make a donation in an increment of $5 ($5, $25, $50, $500 or even $5,000!) AND ask 5 of your friends to do the same. Your gift will be matched by the generous companies below, helping us reach our goal of $50,000 in 5 days! (We've extended this campaign so that we can still reach our goal and utilize all of our matching funds!)

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5-Year Virtual Anniversary Party

"Zoom in" for a virtual 5-year Anniversary Party! You'll get to hear funny stories, and can share your own. We've planned some games and there may even be a few door prizes!  Join via Zoom in the comfort of your own home (or patio, or bathtub!). Doors (virtually) open at 5:45 pm, party starts 5:55 pm.  Click to learn more.

Matilda's Five-year Anniversary Lookback

"Five years ago, today The INN Between opened it’s doors. I had been following it closely, having signed up a month prior to volunteer. It would still be a couple of weeks before I walked through the doors to begin my service, but I feel it had already had me in its grip and my life was on a new path. 

My first day volunteering was spent cutting fruits and vegetables to freeze in the kitchen at the old Guadalupe school. I spent hours doing that and getting to know Maria who was managing the operation as a volunteer. My first day there I met Jim. He had walked over from the old convent next door where our residents were residing. I answered the door and introduced myself. He introduced himself as Charles Manson and his laugh sealed our friendship. We didn’t have many people there at that time, just three when I began. Olivia died on my second day of volunteering. Thomas shortly after."  Click to read more...

Matilda's Second Year Lookback

"Our second year was our first full year, and we kept busy! With our goal being to provide a place for people to die with dignity we were suddenly faced with the question, what if someone gets better? It had been six months since Ben had walked through our doors. He had been given just weeks left to live; yet, he was now facing being discharged from hospice as he no longer qualified. This was such great news but was a lot to process for Ben. We made sure he had people to talk with and started mapping out what the future might look like. I will always be grateful to Ben, we learned a lot together. There are a lot of hurdles to face when you are suddenly on your own and I think Ben encountered the majority of them. Through it all, we kept in touch and I am so proud to say that several years later Ben has been doing great."  Click to read more... 

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