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The INN Between, a leading provider of compassionate care for the homeless, is thrilled to announce that on December 16th, across Belgium airwaves, The INN Between was featured in the 25-minute documentary, Hemelhuis (Heavenly House), highlighting the importance of our mission.  

The documentary crew consisted of journalists, Daan Willis and Bjorn Soenens, who spent three days immersed in the daily operations, capturing the untold stories of residents and staff. The film explores the challenges and triumphs of providing end-of-life and medical respite care for the homeless, showcasing the resilience of humanity of those involved. Watch the video below to hear the stories of a resident who just walked through the doors for the first time, another an emergency admit after his brother and caretaker committed suicide in front of him, and also a resident coming to grips with The INN Between being his final home after receiving a terminal diagnosis and being placed on hospice.