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The best way to help The INN Between right now is with a monetary donation (Click here).

However we are accepting donations of essential items. Those in greatest need are:

  • Twin XL fitted sheets
  • Disinfecting wipes & bleach
  • Food (see below)

*Please note we are not accepting clothing donations at this time.

Amazon orders are great! Thank you for your support during these ongoing changes to the way we operate. 

Using our Amazon Wish List makes ordering easy for you and us!  And, Amazon donates to us when you order from (designate The INN Between)!

Food Needs (we serve 3 meals per day to 45 people):

  • Bacon & Eggs
  • Fresh Fruit 
  • Powerade, Ginger Ale
  • Coffee Creamer (shelf-stable)
  • Punch and Lemonade Mix
  • Mayonnaise  
  • Soft granola bars & other small bagged snacks
  • Meals prepared in commercial kitchen or purchased frozen meals

Needed Supplies:

  • Twin XL Fitted Sheets (non-white) 
  • Washcloths & Towels (non-white) 
  • Small prizes ($5 or less) for resident activities
  • Travel-sized Coffee Mugs with sealing lids
  • Craft kits for residents to do individually or as group
  • Scotch Brite & Other Cleaning Scrubbers 
  • 2-ply Toilet Paper
  • 55 gal. Black Trash Bags
  • Gift Cards to Lowe's/Home Depot for maintenance items such as water softener pellets
  • HD TV Antennae's and Flat screen TV's for resident rooms