Ben - Our First Miracle

Ben and Matilda Ben and Matilda

At the age of 42, Ben’s was told by his doctor that his “liver was dead.” He arrived at The INN Between in a very frail state, expecting to die within two weeks. Ben's family relationship was very strained, and I worked hard to reunite him with his father and sister. The INN Between served as neutral space where the three could meet.

Ben’s liver failure was due to alcoholism. As he started hospice care, Ben vowed to stop drinking and began attending the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings held at The INN Between. 

When Ben arrived, he was very cautious and untrusting, a natural response after living on the streets so many years. He found a red jacket in our clothes closet, and it seemed like he'd never take it off, even when he was in his toasty warm room. After a couple of months, Ben began to settle in and feel like The INN Between was home. We were all so pleased the day he felt safe enough to leave his jacket in his room and enjoy the sunshine outside. 

We ensured that Ben had plenty of healthy meals including fresh vegetables, to help his liver recover.  After several months, Ben’s health had improved so much that he was discharged from hospice care. We collaborated with a case manager at Volunteers of America who secured permanent supportive housing for Ben, and he was able to leave The INN Between not only with a new lease on life, but also with a stable place to live, improved relationships with his sister and father, and a commitment and tools to control his drinking. 

Ben just celebrated his one-year anniversary of sobriety!