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David Dell Drage

David Dell Drage, known on the streets as Stormy, was born May 11, 1962 and passed away peacefully at The INN Between on February 17, 2018.

Stormy was an extremely kindhearted and soft-spoken man. He arrived at The INN Between, weak and pale, to recuperate from surgery. The very next day, he had to return to the hospital. We scheduled a series of appointments with specialists, and the consensus was that Stormy was appropriate for hospice care, which he easily accepted.

After years of feeling mistreated and disregarded by the medical community, Stormy would feel guilty and overwhelmed at the amount of attention and care we gave him. He vacillated between being ready to die and extremely anxious at the thought of it.

In his final days, Stormy knew his time was close. He talked about needing to be prepared for his big move and often mumbled as if having a conversation with people that he could see, but that we couldn't. see. By sheer coincidence, another resident at The INN Between was the son of Stormy's past partner. He took Stormy under his wing, becoming a caregiver, and was an immense help. David took great comfort in his presence. He invited his mother to get involved, and she often sat with Stormy, to comfort him. They were blessed to be able to reunite and reminisce about better times.

We do not have a lot of information on Stormy's background. We know that he loved his daughter very much and spoke of her often with great affection. We were not successful in reconnecting him with his daughter before he passed. He had a faith in God and frequently read the Bible. He loved lions and enjoyed listening to the police scanner that he had requested as his “hospice wish.” David was well liked in our home and he will be missed.

The INN Between is holding a memorial service for Stormy on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 11am, 340 S. Goshen (1040 West), Salt Lake City, Utah. Refreshments will be served following the service.