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Donald Michael Lookabill

Donald Lookabill lived with us at The INN Between for just over a month and passd away on February 27, 2018. Prior to his arrival he had spent weeks in the hospital. According to Donald he had been swinging a sledgehammer for weeks working at his latest odd job. One day he left work and as he walked home he passed out on the street. The police found him and as Donny had a long history of alcoholism they assumed he was inebriated. The hospital found that he was suffering from severe congestive heart failure. At 44 years old this was difficult to wrap his head around and Donny had a great deal of both anger and anxiety.

Donny was born on July 22,1973 and grew up in Kennewick, Washington. He had bounced around states and after landing here had spent years on the streets in Salt Lake City, both in the shelter and camping. Donny belonged to a group that was very close and supported each other. The death of his closest friend weighed heavy on him and he never fully recovered from that loss. Donny was not close with his family and had little to no contact with them that we know of.

Donny was a fighter right up to his final breath. He refused to accept his diagnosis and spent most of his days researching why this happened and how he could stop it. The day he died he was struggling and asked us to call an ambulance. When they arrived they advised him he was dying and had to make the choice to be in the hospital or to remain with us and die at home. He chose us, and a sudden peace came to him. He enjoyed some popsicles and we sat by his side. He thanked us and said he was truly appreciative to be with us and to not be alone. Donny quietly slipped away several hours later.

A memorial for Donald will be held on Thursday April 26, 2018 at 11:00 am at The INN Between, 340 Goshen (1040 West) Salt Lake City, UT.  Lunch will be served following the service.