IMA 2022 Philanthropic Partnership

Welcome Incentive Marketing Association Participants

All offline in-kind contributions will be added to the IMA 2022 Donation Board!

Thank you for looking at additional ways to support and contribute to this year's IMA Philanthropic Partnership!

We are one big home, with 38-40 residents recovering from some medical crisis or nearing the end of life.
We are the place between someone receiving hospice care or NOT.
We are the place between receiving cancer treatment or NOT.

Now, consider all the basic necessities you might need for your home, or for those you care for. We are continuously cleaning and vacuuming, sanitizing, doing laundry, cooking, and providing the best compassionate care possible as everyone deserves dignity at the end of life. All support, be it financial or in-kind, significantly impacts our work in the community.

These are just a few of our biggest needs at this time; the list is not exhaustive and we are always open to discussing alternative donations. Fill out the form above and let us know to give to a call. 

 bacon_coffee_eggs.pngmeals_for_45.pngfresh fruit

sheets twin xlcraft_supplies.pngBingo Prizescleaning supplies

Food Needs (we serve 3 meals per day to 45+ people): 

  • Bacon & Eggs
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Powerade, Ginger Ale
  • Coffee Creamer (shelf-stable)
  • Punch and Lemonade Mix
  • Mayonnaise
  • Soft granola bars & other small bagged snacks
  • Meals prepared in commercial kitchen or purchased frozen meals for 45 to cover dinner or lunch one day.

Needed Durable and Consumable Supplies:

  • Gift Cards for maintenance items, bingo prizes, food, etc. from all brands are most welcome and very useful.
  • Twin XL Fitted Sheets (non-white)
  • Washcloths & Towels (non-white)
  • Small prizes ($5 or less) for resident activities like Bingo
  • Travel-sized Coffee Mugs with sealing lids
  • Craft kits for residents to do individually or as group
  • Scotch Brite & Other Cleaning Scrubbers
  • 2-ply Toilet Paper
  • 55 gal. Black Trash Bags
  • HD TV Antennae's and Flat screen TV's for resident rooms

Please send/ship all donations to: 

The INN Between
ATTN: Kellie Mieremet/IMA 2022
1216 East 1300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

If you have questions prior to sending, please reach out to Kellie Mieremet at or 801-456-4564. It is always great if we can coordinate donation drop-offs. We are humbled to be chosen as this year's partner and we are excited to share our nonprofit's mission with you all. 

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